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Please sign this letter to show Florida legislators that you want them to support passing HB 6011 & SB 262 | HB 6039 & SB 560 to repeal Florida's Free Kill Law, Upon clicking send, it is auto-submitted to all Florida House Representatives, Florida Senators, and the majority of their legal assistants.

Please note:  When you click "send" it may take up to 2 minutes, due to the large volume of recipients.  Please do not close the page until you are notified that the submission is complete.


**US Citizens Only**

**With a residency in any state**

​Florida Statute § 768.21(8) denies unmarried adults without minor children equal protection under the law and deprives the survivors of these individuals of their right to access the courts for redress as enumerated by the Florida Constitution in the case of medical negligence causing death.

The Florida Free Kill law is unconstitutional and

fails to equally value the lives of all Floridians

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